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Acrylic Polishing

One of the many services we offer is Acrylic Polishing for your acrylic aquariums. Acrylic is a very strong material to build aquariums with but is also very soft and can get scratched very easily. Over the years your once smooth and clean acrylic can become scratched from maintenance or even from its inhabitants such as fish or invertebrates.

Before polishing.

This was a 600 Gallon fish only aquarium in Austin, Tx which had many scratches over the years from maintenance. It was drained and the fish were removed prior to polishing.

During polishing.

During the polishing process the acrylic is actually buffed using different grades of special sandpaper which actually makes it look cloudy.

Nearly finished.

Nearing the completion process the acrylic becomes more "see through" than the previous stages in the buffing process.


Finally the end result is complete with a smooth finish on the inside panel of acrylic along with crystal clear water and clean rockwork. The smooth finish allows for less algae to grow in hard to reach scratches and allows a better visibility to your aquariums inhabitants.


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