Helpful hints on nitrogen cycle in an aquarium

Nitrogen Cycle in your   aquarium

Now here is an oversimplification of the cycling process that occurs in a freshwater aquarium. Also similar in a saltwater aquarium but a saltwater aquarium has many more factors that come into play so in this instance we will focus on freshwater to introduce us to the process.


Many people believe that all you have to do is put in water and make sure the filter runs. Oversimplified but yes. There are also many other factors that come into play. Overfeeding is one. There is bacteria that lives on every surface in the aquarium but it can only work at a certain speed. Bacteria breaks down the food and waste that accumulates in your aquarium which starts off as Ammonia and is VERY lethal to an aquariums inhabitants. If you feed faster than the bacteria can break down the food you will begin to see problems. Having real plants will help in the process of waste breakdown and usage but do not confuse these tools for HELPING the cycling process as a magic pill of NEVER doing regular maintenance on your aquarium. There will be the accumulation of Nitrates at the end of the cycling process which need to be removed either through water changes or through other chemical / mechanical means.


These pollutants need to be removed regularly through maintenance. In doing so you have a better chance of displaying a beautiful aquarium for your enjoyment.



Photo coutesy of Christina Manriquez.