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Aquariums require maintenance otherwise they can quickly become a hazardous environment to its residents. Waste is introduced to the aquarium through uneaten food, fish excrement and normal respiration of other inhabitants. Aquariums produce waste which must be removed regularly through filtration and regular maintenance.


This is where we come in to handle all of the duties you dont want to do or care to do. We will..


  • clean the glass of algae

  • syphon the gravel (removing waste and debris)

  • clean any decorative items such as rocks or artificial plants

  • replace a percentage of water with new water   (amount varies from aquarium to aquarium but 20% to 30% is normal)

  • replace filter media with new, clean filter media

  • wipe down any areas that are not normally cleaned such as underneath the aquarium or behind

  • monitoring fish health and compatibility as well as coral health and compatibility

  • monitoring equipment function and alerting owner of any possible breakdowns or inefficiency of equipment

  • 24/7 emergency contact

  • water testing to alert you of any possible problems

  • replacement of food in automatic feeders

  • aquarium sitting while you vacation

Company truck Clearwater Aquariums, LLC

Specializing in COMMERCIAL and RESIDENTIAL aquariums for BOTH saltwater and freshwater aquariums.

450 Gallon freshwater cichlid aquarium
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