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New Year New Aquarium!

So its 2023 and you decide your finally gonna fix/buy that aquarium you keep saying your gonna do.

Its not like joining a gym. You pay $10 and go for maybe a month. (or is that just me?) An aquarium is a huge investment. Done right of course. If you go the less expensive route and buy "economical" supplies you end up spending more in the long run. Sometimes it runs into the high hundreds or even thousands over the course of your aquariums life but in the end can become a valued part of your home and even life because you have gained knowledge in a hobby you love.

Now you might not have the time to do the grunt work like water changes and cleaning the glass and filter and yada yada but that's where a good aquarium maintenance company comes in. (believe it or not these two photos are the same aquarium just in different times in its life.)

Don't let the struggle hold you back. Don't let previous companies discourage you. This knowledge is free on the ol' internets. Heck even if you call me i might talk to much about aquariums. I've been doing this too long. I have stories. But the point is that it just takes a little time and commitment and ALOT of money. (Just kidding, sort of) Let me handle the worry. You just tell me what you want and you sit back and go "Man, i paid too much for that fish, i should have listened to my fish guy" It can hurt sometimes but all love hurts.

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