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So we have started our aquarium. As a maintenance professional i have seen MANY aquariums and some i have had to say no to because of the scenario.

One time it was on a "tower" that was as high as the second floor. I really don't know what happened there. But i had to walk away because of the danger of cleaning it. There are also times where the wire management was so crazy that I had to spend a few visits just to make the sump ACCESSABLE for cleaning. Wire management is nice when you visit it periodically and it makes your time there quicker which allows you to be more efficient. Plus it makes it better to look at and makes it run more efficient because you can see your filtration working or not working. Also there is the DANGER factor. Electricity and water don't mix well when there is spaghetti wires in water and you cant see them.

Now this photo might be overkill on the cleanliness of cable management but it looks efficient, clean and safe. It allows you to see what is working at a glance and cleaning is simple and accessible. Also when you keep your sump clean its better for you aquarium since it is the engine of your aquarium. The aquarium hobby used to just focus on the top "display" portion but in the past years the bottom is just as important and some people think of it as part of the whole display to be shown off. It can be nice. So next time you want to add a piece of equipment just think ahead of time and plan the placement and what your going to do with the wires. It will make things so much better.

Photo courtesy of Ron Leishman

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