What do you charge for a cleaning?

  • For a first time cleaning the price is $85 for the first hour and then $75 for each consecutive hour for aquariums between 100 gallons and 150 gallons although we try our best to keep visits under an hour it is possible to stretch into the second hour due to accessibility or design of aquarium setup. 

  • For a first time cleaning the price is $95 for the first hour and then $85 for each consecutive hour  for aquariums between 100 gallons and 150 gallons although as above we do try to keep things at an hour but it is possible to stretch into that second hour.

  • Once we have cleaned your aquarium for the first time, if you wish to continue on, we can provide a fixed monthly service fee so you see no fluctuation. There is no commitment, NO CONTRACTS with service. 

       What is included in a cleaning?

  • During a normal visit the glass will be cleaned of algae as well as the gravel siphoned of any debris accumulation. If there are decorative pieces that can be removed and cleaned they will be. Depending on aquarium setup whether it be fresh or saltwater any additional steps will be taken such as cleaning protein skimmer and checking for proper water level in the sump as well as for the overall functionality of pumps and other items often forgotten about. 

What is a regular maintenance program for my aquarium?

  • Every aquarium setup is different. Whether it be freshwater or saltwater there are some constants such as maintenance. A freshwater aquarium is suggested to have AT LEAST a maintenance visit of once a month but preferably every 2 weeks ( twice a month ) and a saltwater aquarium is a bit more demanding since it involves more moving parts that can go haywire in a short amount of time.  Depending on what kind of saltwater aquarium  ( Reef or fish only ) the bare minimum maintenance suggested is once every 2 weeks or even in some cases every week. These will vary depending on your budget and whether this aquarium is for private or public viewing. Some aquariums that are viewable to the public in a business setting might need a more frequent maintenance program  because lets face it...you don't want customers judging your business on your aquarium even though we want you to judge us by ours.  : )

When do i pay?

  • Payment is due at the time of service. You will be invoiced through your email and there will be an option to pay with a credit card or cash ( with tax included ). No checks.

What if my aquarium is bigger than 150 gallons?

  • If your aquarium is bigger than 150 gallons go ahead and still call us for a specific quote. We have the experience and knowledge to deal with ANY aquarium size. Just check out our Gallery page for examples.

What about emergency visits?

Sometimes unforeseen things happen. Especially with water at 2am. That is why we provide this service for our customers at a rate of $95 on normal business days and $125 on holidays.